Black pantyhose will send mom over the edge

Highly sexed milfs Penny and Lilli from admit that black pantyhose will send them over the edge into orgasmic delight.

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20 thoughts on “Black pantyhose will send mom over the edge

  1. If Penny is the first Lady….I love her, no disrespect to Lilli.
    Would love to see some more of her…………….there again I would love to more of ALL these Ladies.

  2. Absolutely hate, hate, hate, pantyhose. They just keep us delayed from getting to the prize & that is unacceptable. Combined with panties, they’re just obstacles we have to overcome before the prize. Give me a woman who wears thigh highs (stay ups), no panties, and a juicy pussy, and its all over but her screaming & convulsing. I know pantyhose are supposed to hide a multitude of perceived flaws but really? If a man’s there already that usually means he wants you. He doesn’t want his hand caught in the nylon equivalent of a mouse trap.

  3. They’ll send her over the edge? Preferably black nylons rather than pantyhose will cause Penny to stay the sheets if I have chance.

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