Mature Hot Mom With Young Man

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30 thoughts on “Mature Hot Mom With Young Man

  1. This clip is very erotic because it’s more realistic than typical porn… The flirting, touching of hands, foreplay, the gradual buildup, real passion, no fake over-the-top screaming and grunting. Older women rock, especially when they wear pantyhose!

  2. love the see thru panties at around the 12 minute mark – while she has her partly ripped tights. A gorgeous shaved cunt too!

  3. this clip stops being believable at the sight of this moron with those earrings. It just doesn’t work, no matter what they do after…

  4. Wow! This is one of the best finds in f’in years! I watched the whole video and I never do that. This is pure lust! She reminds me of the legendary Kay Parker. Again, WOW!

  5. Magdalene, if only I could move in your world… I love you sooo much, my beauty. You are everything I could ever want in a woman. So sexy, so beautiful. I feel a primal urge to mate and spawn with you. Every drop of sperm my body could EVER produce would be yours – if you wanted children, I’d make them with you, WHATEVER the cost. I’m not just some random wanker looking at X-Hamster videos – I’m a real man, full of life – and cum. If I could give it to you, I’d give you my very soul…

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