Swingin’ Mom’s Sex Party (full movie)

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30 thoughts on “Swingin’ Mom’s Sex Party (full movie)

  1. i love older women my landlady wants me to fuck her every day
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  2. Utterly well-made video. I like the music, the lighting, the set, the actors and actresses. The long build up to fucking is exciting, and love watching the blonde dance for the guests; it’s so incredibly hot. She seems so natural in front of a camera, it’s as though it isn’t there.

  3. Been looking for this video for a long time…Had once on another site, but it was deleted 🙁 But thanks to you its up again, and so am I!

  4. Damn these Eastern European Gurls are top heavy. Juggs galore for sure and natural at dat. Did you notice dat some of the gurls are really thick especially the one in pink dress has thick thighs, wide hips, and huge tatas. So does the chick in black skirt and shiny green top and the blonde MILF with grey top and the one with leopard dress. These chick are built like the brick house with curves to match. The skinny gurls in this video just did not do it. Would have been nice instead of the skinny smalls guys they had bruthas with the thick ladies. Would have made for a good coupling. Well these Eastern European Gurls have the booty. What do you think? She and some of the other voluptuous gurls make the guys look small.

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